Tom Davies

British spectacle designer, Tom Davies, brings with his “Bespoke” brand the luxury of having frames custom made. Tom has revolutionized glasses by introducing frames expressly designed and handmade to suit a person’s face, coloring, physical characteristics and lifestyle. Having a frame designed and tailored for you is like a combination of having a suit made to measure and in your own style. You can choose spectacles or sunglasses, ordered in exactly the combination of colors and materials you prefer and designed to your face perfectly. During the tailored consultation you have a sophisticated series of measurements taken, select from our portfolio of materials and colors. Each frame is hand-made for the customer using a combination of traditional techniques and modern machinery. Tom has extensive experience in designing machinery specifically for the purpose of creating made to measure eyewear. Typically, you will have your unique new glasses with your name discretely engraved inside the right arm within three weeks.

Tom Davies works with you to create frames that are pieces of art; fitted perfectly to your features and personal style (not to mention the most comfortable glasses you will ever wear).