From the LaLOOP Newsletter

This season is inspired by the process of creating and discovering art – whether it be an Ellsworth Kelly, an Ai Wei Wei or a Mark Bradford or the super talented and young Oakes Brothers. There is a simple, authentic beauty and purpose to each of their work. This season’s brush strokes of color and unique metal work feed into this theme of Simple, Modern and Purposeful. That is La LOOP.

Labradorite gem stones are said to have strong healing qualities and are thought to bring good luck. It comes with a rich iridescent mix of blue/grey/green tones is said to help one remain calm within chaos and sharpens the mind. Howlite is a white gemstone with a subtle marble effect. It is said to help balance calcium levels in the body which calms and comforts. Howlite also stimulates imagination and helps with patience.

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